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The MEI CyberCorp suite of mobile remote surveillance & site access control units offers a multitude of features and benefits for project management, case building, personnel management, training, After Action Report evaluation, stakeholder relationship management and unauthorized entry management.

All of our products and support services are offered to our customers in flexible; daily / weekly / monthly rental or annual lease options, leaving MEI CyberCorp with the responsibility of delivery, service, maintenance and relocation of every unit without having to pass on the cost of maintenance to our customers.

MEI CyberCorp will continue to aggressively innovate our product line while offering customers cutting edge services. In that way we are similar to your mobile phone company in that we provide you the service without forcing you to invest in the cost of the infrastructure.


The MEI CyberGuard Lock System provides a critical accountability path regarding access to sensitive areas and serves as an excellent deterrent against shrinkage and theft.

Application advantages to the MEI CyberCorp system as opposed to a guard service.

Training: MEI CyberCorp systems aid in the evaluation of performance during in-field, on-site training exercises.

AAR: If a catastrophic event should occur, the CyberGuard unit may capture vital early event data that may be critical in assuring that a similar disaster will not occur in the future.

SRM: Stakeholder Relationship Management with municipal government, the state and federal government, and local first responders, by providing accurate, real-time situational awareness as an event unfolds, or in the planning stages of a site safety program, through the MEI CyberCorp central monitoring station, can mean the difference between life and death to down stream populations.

Labor Management; Your ability to keep a project on time and on budget has a lot to do with the performance of your employees. Make sure that they are in the right place, doing the right things, in a safe way, through the effective use of both CyberGuard and MEI CyberGate units.

Unauthorized Access: Whatever the motivation, a saboteur, political activist or disgruntled ex-employee, or just a curious local resident, unauthorized access to your site can cost millions in structural damage, work stoppage, or even worse,loss of life.