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The MEICyberGuard mobile surveillance line of products is not only a highly visible deterrent to crime, but is also an excellent compliance tool for safety officers ,as well as, an excellent work force planning tool for project managers & field supervisors.

The CyberGuard product line is built to survive under harsh conditions and unlike the staffing of physical guards, CyberGuard never sleeps, gets sick or shows up late for work. Each rugged unit offers wireless data transmission dependability, nimble mobility and a redundant uninterrupted power supply.

Every MEI CyberGuard tower configuration come with all highly sophisticated optics mounted on camera’s which are then encased within tamperproof housing, on event alarms and deep analytics / (SMS) security management solutions that provide, among a host of features, clear nighttime (fog penetrating) recording and remote viewing options that include real time (cloud archival) remote viewing transmission to your security command center or ours. For instant alerting, we offer you the option to view an event on your (and / or designated team members)  smart phone or tablet through a dedicated, secure and clean partition of our web site for fast and collaborative decision-making and plan building.

The MEI CyberGuard Gate System, is a gated drive on / drive premises access control & credentialing system. Each of the mobile units provide 24/7 real time monitoring to our central station through MEI CyberCorp trained staff, as well as, audit based management & credentialing, warning lights and the capacity for specialized applications such as radiation detection.

Although the MEI CyberGuard Gate System eliminates the need for a human guard presence, two way, real time interaction through the credentialing interface is available.

Dedicated or multi-site packages are available, as well as, both rent and lease option.