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“I am attracted to companies who provide the opportunity for their employees to learn while completing the responsibilities of their position. MEI has afforded me this opportunity. This inspires employee dedication and loyalty which in turn benefits our clients through retention of team knowledge, skill and expertise. At the end of the day, I am proud to put my name on my work.”

“MEI has provided me with the freedom and latitude to work with the clients assigned to me to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction…and that is my main goal.”

“We’re a family and that extends to our customers. Everyone is conscious of the needs of our customers. Throughout the years, that has never changed.”

“We are a single source solution for our clients…and the foundation for this began more 30 years ago. I am proud to be part of this team.”

“Just wanted to let you know the 31st is my last day at Range. Please give my best to Paul.  I’ve enjoyed working with MEI.  Hope you continue to succeed in your business.  You deserve success because of you work ethic, honesty, and integrity.  Can’t say that for a lot of the other vendors with whom I’ve been in contact over the last 6 ½ years. Warm regards, Steve”


“Hello, my name is Doug Knisely and I am the Director of Building and Petroleum Construction for Sheetz Inc. We at Sheetz and MEI started our relationship four years ago at one of our stores in Hurricane West Virginia. We had a pole mounted still frame camera with very little capability. Today we have twenty five trailer mounted units with solar powered pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

One thing that impresses me about MEI, at least as it applies to Sheetz, is that MEI demonstrated the ability to listen to our needs and then customize a solution to meet them.  Another very important component of the MEI offering for us is the Sheetz dedicated web site. It is easy to maneuver through and allows us to manage from a distance. That too was collaboration with the MEI team and our project managers. We have also noticed a reduction in vandalism and theft due to what I believe is the presences of the cameras are great deterrents.

The bottom line for us is that the CyberGuard product does save us money in man hours from being able to manage from a distance and also stay on schedule with real time monitoring. Our six state footprint is now available to monitor with a mouse on the screen in our conference room, office or on a cell phone.

To conclude, we at Sheetz have enjoyed our experiences with MEI CyberCorp and look forward to many years of the same customer service and efficiency in technology, that we have come to expect and rely on.”